Why Can’t I Sell My House?The question is common. What is it about my house that sends buyers away without making an offer? It might be the house itself, or it could be the marketing.

House Selling Tips – Hurst House Buyers: You’ve done everything you can think of. The house still doesn’t sell and your time is growing short. You may have taken another job somewhere distant and must move in a month, or perhaps your finances no longer allow you to pay the mortgage like you once could easily do. Whatever your reason may be for selling the house, you can’t wait forever and every month it stays on the market costs you more money and the frustration of showing the house over and over with no results. How long can the family keep the house immaculate and ready to vacate on a moment’s notice?

You may have taken another job somewhere distant and must move

Don’t feel like you are the only one experiencing this result of the oversaturated market. That’s important for you to remember. It may be nothing to do with you, your house, or the way you are presenting it. On the other hand, go through the house and make sure it’s not something you are overlooking. If you have marketed the house and have had people come to look, it could be that something about the house is putting them off.

If its price they will be satisfied with your house, but know they can get a similar house for less just down the street. If there’s something that needs obvious repair, or the house is messy and smells of pet or smoke odor, which would do it, too. If you are marketing the house and no one responds to even get so far as to come and look, then you’ll know it might have more to do with how you are describing it, the quality or absence of good photos, or the places you are presenting it.

In the case of having lookers, but no one going further than that, try inviting a trusted friend or family member over specifically to pretend they are looking at the house and to tell you what might be seen as unacceptable, off-putting, or just plain gross. Let’s face it. You must be honest in your assessment. This is no time for sensitive feelings if you want to get the house sold. You can also ask those who do come to look what they think of the house. Ask what they would need to be different for them to consider buying your house. You might be surprised at the answers. You can then go about changing things up to make them more appealing to general buyers.