Selling Your HouseDo what you’ve always wanted to do by selling your house and buying or renting something more manageable.

We Buy Houses – Carrolton TXRetirement is the golden goose that we all hope to catch someday. You may already be retired, in fact. In the past it might have been typical for Mom and Dad to buy a house when young, raise the family through to adulthood, and then keep the same house so the kids and their children could go back ‘home’ and visit. Having several bedrooms, this is possible and it provides a nice place for those family reunions especially around the holidays.

Now, these days, retirees are far less willing to stay put where they have spent several decades raising the family, working to pay off the house, and doing everything needed to keep the house in good shape. Today’s retirees are more likely to want to go on a travel spree, buying an RV and seeing the country. Some opt instead, to sell the big family house and move into a condo or smaller house that doesn’t require lawn mowing, maintenance, or any other annoying chores. The desire to really enjoy that well deserved retirement time while you can still see good health every day far outweighs the sentimental larger home attachment.

Retirement is meant to give you a nice, well deserved rest from life’s burdens.

No matter what you and your spouse decide you’d like to do now that you have retired, the money you can make by selling your home will certainly help. If nothing else, it will relieve you of the mortgage and expense of keeping a home you own. You can sell your house by selling it on your own or you can sell it for cash to an investor.

The more you have paid off on the mortgage, the more options you have that will work for you. If you have a home that you still owe lots of mortgage on or owe a second mortgage, that complicates things, of course, but it can still be done. Selling the house and paying off the mortgage, if you have one, could be one of the single most satisfying acts you can perform. Give yourself the relief of knowing that you will no longer owe a mortgage payment, taxes, or insurance on that 4 bedroom house. Unless your grandchildren come around to visit frequently it might be a good idea to sell the big house and move into something much smaller. With the cash you have from the proceeds of the sale, you can always keep money aside to get the kids a room at the local motel so they can still come to visit.