Sell Your Home From AfarSelling your house after you have moved can be a challenge, but it is done by many. Try selling to a cash investor instead and you’ll drive off to your new home leaving no worries behind.

House Selling Tips – Dallas House Buyers: You’re moving 600 miles away and will need to sell your home before you go. Unless you have a way to sell it quickly to a cash investor, you could be looking at a year on the market, and it’s not unrealistic to believe that it could take even longer in some areas. How you will do this from so far away may be a mystery to you. It can and is done every day by those who find it necessary for a variety of reasons to move away and leave their home behind.

One solution is to sell to a real estate investor. You can find a reputable investor that buys homes in your area and ask them to give you an offer on your house. With no obligation at all, you will receive an offer that will typically be about 20 or 30% lower than the current market value and most investors are prepared to pay cash for their purchases. Investors are a practical solution as they handle the paperwork, the closing details, and can often get the closing done in a week or so. Your trade off for selling them your house at a discount is that it will happen quickly and without much hassle on your part. You won’t need to do repairs or remodeling like you would if you were selling it in the usual way to those looking for a new home. Investors buy property in ‘as is’ condition.

If you would still like to sell in the more traditional manner, you can try getting it listed, fixing it up to a standard that would please potential buyers, and try to sell it before you go. If not, consider offering someone you know in the family or a trusted friend a percentage of the sale to take over showing the house for you after you move.

Be sure to install extra security lighting and alarm systems if it will be left unlived in while being sold. Have your seller check it now and then to see that the heat and air conditioning are working to prevent weather related damage. Get timers for the lights and have them go on and off as randomly as possible to give the impression that it is lived in. These measures will be necessary to keep vandals and thieves from entering while no one is there.