Running in the opposite direction is not a good way to sell your house. Be aware of the things that offend the typical buyer and eliminate them from your house before you show it.

Sending buyers – Farmers Branch TX:   t’s tough to sell a house these days. Why make it even harder by doing the things that are sure to offend your potential buyers? There are some things that are known deterrents to buyers that cause them to walk out of the house and keep right on walking, never to return. Don’t make it harder on yourself by doing these things.

Keep the odors out of the house. If you have offensive pet smells, cigarette smoke, or cooking odors in your home for sale, try your best to do something about it. If you have a poor sense of smell but suspect that you might just have some of those odors, ask a trusted friend that will be honest with you to walk in, take a good whiff, and let you know the results of the sniff test.

Keep the odors out of the house.

Grungy bathroom fixtures or dirty clothing and socks hanging from the shower rod will be a certain eyesore. Get the fixtures sparkling clean. If they are beyond cleaning, buy some new ones. They aren’t expensive if you get the standard faucet sets and it will make a big difference in how the room looks. As far as the clothing is concerned, pick it up and move it. Put clean towels on the racks and fold them neatly.

Brighten the house by putting in bright bulbs and cleaning the light fixture lamp covers. Buyers like well lit homes. You might be cozy in your dimly lit man cave den, but showing it to buyers will be more effective if you light it up while buyers are viewing the home.

Your dogs are your very best friends in the world. Buyers are not going to feel that way about your dogs. In fact they may even be frightened of them and feel that either they are too nervous to concentrate on the house or they might feel that the house has lots of pet dander that they may be allergic to. Put your pets away at a neighbor’s house or leave them at the kennel while you are showing the house. Pick up any evidence lying around the yard and vacuum thoroughly using an odor neutralizer.

Be certain to clean up the yard and make a good impression when the buyers arrive to have a look. If it appears that you have taken good care of the house at first glance, it will be less likely that the buyer gets the idea that you haven’t maintained it.