Enlist Your Family and Friends to Sell Your HouseUtilize your acquaintances to help you sell your house. Offer a finder’s fee for anyone who brings you a buyer and you may just have yourself a sales team.

Tips to Selling a House Fast – Cash House Buyers USA: Everybody loves to earn an extra thousand or two here and there. If you are selling your house why not enlist the help of your family and friends to help you find a buyer? Instead of just you trying to get the word out about your house for sale, let everyone you know in on the action. You’d be surprised how motivated people can be when there’s something in it for them, too.

Although people can be quite helpful if you ask them to spread the word for you, a finder’s fee will add a measure of urgency. With the slow market and the dearth of buyers out there, you can use all the help you can get to find a qualified buyer.

One way to instigate your plan would be to hold an open house, or a sort of orientation reception for your neighbors and friends. Invite them to come and see your house, although many may have seen it already. Feed them of course, as free food is always a hit. Take them on an official tour to point out all of the terrific features. While your friends may have come for backyard barbeques and birthday parties in the dining room, they have most likely never seen your bedroom areas or other more intimate living spaces in the house. This would be the time to take them on the complete tour.

You’d be surprised how motivated people can be when there’s something in it for them, too.

If you prepare brochures or flyers for the event you can send them home with some to pass around. Knowing your house better through the orientation reception you gave them, they will even be able to answer some of the questions potential buyers may ask. Let them know how much you are willing to pay them if they find you a buyer that closes the deal. This might motivate an extra measure of excitement when they talk about your house.

This is a very tight market for sellers and you would be wise to do anything creative you can think of to get the house sold. By recruiting your acquaintances to help it will multiply the exposure you need to find a buyer. Buyers are out there, but are scarce, so word of mouth advertising is important. Sometimes with the thousands of listings out there buyers become overwhelmed. They may just be glad to hear of a house for sale that belongs to a friend of a friend.