Curb Appeal for Winter MonthsYour curb appeal will be important as the cold weather kills off all of your flowers and landscaping efforts.

Improving Your Winter Curb Appeal – Cash House Buyers USA: Hurst The winter months are often somewhat dull and dreary looking so trying to sell a house at that time can be more challenging than at other times of year. The greenery of summer lawns, the flowers in full bloom on your window boxes, and the trees filled with handsome and shade giving leaves is certainly a natural way to bring curb appeal to your home for sale.

When autumn hits all of those enhancements tend to die off, especially if you live where it isn’t warm all year round. You will have to do something to make the house look attractive from the outside so buyers will be impressed as soon as they pull up to the curb or drive by to have a quick look.

The house should still be given care to improve the curbside look and take attention off what the weather has done to your lush green summer lawn.

Start by clearing out all dead and dying vegetation around the house. Don’t allow your planters to sit in place with half dead mums in them. The overgrown shrubs will now begin to look somewhat sparse, so trim them up neatly. You won’t want to pull them out of the ground, of course, but you can straighten them up so they are neat looking for the winter. Get the firewood stacked up in an organized manner so it looks attractive and not willy nilly tossed into a pile. Remove all flowers from their pots and window boxes. Get the old growth out of the garden beds. Rake and dispose of the leaves from the lawn.

The next step will be to give the house a quick power wash to freshen it up. Do the sidewalks, the patio, and the eaves. Then you can begin to redecorate the yard. You’ll need to do something to replace the good looking flowers and draw attention away from the winter brown dead lawn. Try placing corn stalks and colored corn in the flower pots at the entrance. Place a pumpkin or ornamental gourds in strategic places. You can also do this in your flowerboxes at the windows where it looks good.

There isn’t much you can do about the weather in the wintertime. Short of planting silk plants in your flower pots, you’ll have to work with the décor of the season. Don’t overdo it, but do make it look like you take pride in your home and have taken the time to observe the change in season and act accordingly.