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Different Ways to Sell Your Difficult Home

“There are people who buy houses on a different agenda than ordinary home buyers.”

We Buy Houses – Irving TX: A difficult house in poor repair can still be sold. In fact you can sell it quickly to an investor and move on to get your life in order without giving the house another thought. You might find a buyer that doesn’t have much money for a down payment and needs to find a cheap house that they can fix up themselves. [..read more..]

Have a professional home inspection doneSpend the money to have a professional home inspection done before you sell.

We Buy Houses – Fort Worth TXYou are ready to sell your house and are reasonably sure that it is in good shape, for the most part. Buyers have lots of choices these days and if they don’t like your house and everything about it they can just move on to the next one. One way to impress buyers is to pay for a professional home inspection to be done when you put the house up for sale.

Why Can’t I Sell My House?The question is common. What is it about my house that sends buyers away without making an offer? It might be the house itself, or it could be the marketing.

House Selling Tips – Hurst House Buyers: You’ve done everything you can think of. The house still doesn’t sell and your time is growing short. You may have taken another job somewhere distant and must move in a month, or perhaps your finances no longer allow you to pay the mortgage like you once could easily do. Whatever your reason may be for selling the house, you can’t wait forever and every month it stays on the market costs you more money and the frustration of showing the house over and over with no results. How long can the family keep the house immaculate and ready to vacate on a moment’s notice?